Tuyakbayev Altai Alisherovich

Tuyakbayev Altai Alisherovich

Candidate of technical sciences


A. Burkitbaev Institute of Industrial Automation and Digitalization

Email: a.tuyakbayev@satbayev.111

Professional biography

Professional biography began in September 1969 at the Kazakh chemical and technological Institute at the Department of "Automation of technological processes" as an assistant, then a teacher, and in 1973 there was a full-time postgraduate course of the Moscow aviation Institute (MAI), which ended with the defense of the thesis for the degree of candidate of technical Sciences. Was for many years the head of contractual work with enterprises map, map of former USSR, and Academy of Engineering Sciences, was also the head of research and development Department National Center for radio electronics and communications (NCRES), also Deputy Director Niihimmash technology and industrial ecology (Nictype), scientific Secretary of the Academy of civil aviation (AGA), the head of the Department "Avionics and measuring-computing complexes" YEAH.

Scientific projects

Development of designs of transistors, including field circuits, onboard electronic equipment of aircraft, characterized by increased reliability or radiation resistance, as well as methods of their manufacture for the same purposes. Development of methods that use silicon alloys, characterized in that in contact with various aqueous solutions emit different gases, methods for obtaining these alloys, including silicon semiconductor purity, as well as methods for extracting oil. Development of methods for non-destructive control of aircraft parameters, devices for their implementation, as well as for the use of aircraft in the national economy and the creation of various devices, electronic systems and complexes.


The list of works consists of 154 scientific publications, of which approximately 100 are author's certificates and patents.

It should be noted that due to the lack of time, there are still about 20-30 applications for inventions that have not been submitted to the NIIS of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Published articles in English 

1. «Single-level model for Simulation of the effect of Electron irradiation on transistors» The fifth world congress «Aviation in the XXI-st century», «Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies». Volume 2, p.3.7.76-3.7.79;

2. «Compensation of Radiation Damage in the Integrated Circuits on MOS Transistors». The fifth world congress «Aviation in the XXI-st century», «Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies». Volume 2, p.3.7.71-3.7.75.

There were 3 articles with the status of SCOPUS.

1. Askarova, A.Bolegenova, S.Ospanova, S., (...), Zulbukharova, E.Sugirbekova, A. Investigation of various types of liquid fuel atomization and combustion processes at high turbulenceJournal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13(11), с. 4054-4064

2. Tuyakbayev, A.A.Baizhumanov, M.K.Tuyakbaev, D.A. Modeling of electronic radiation influence to transistors. 2013 IEEE 33rd International Scientific Conference Electronics and Nanotechnology, ELNANO 2013 - Conference Proceedings 6552069, с. 192-194

1. «Modeling of Radiating Effects in Transistors» в сборнике статей Международной научной конференции «2011 Microwaves, radar and remote sensing symposium» (MRRS). Kiev, Ukraine, august 25-27, 2011, p. 371-373;


High – in 1968 he graduated from the Kazakh chemical-technological Institute (Kashti), specialty "automation of technological processes", and in the period 1973-1976 was trained in internal postgraduate study of the Moscow aviation Institute (MAI) of the Department "automatic control Systems of aircraft" cycle "Amplifier-Converter devices control systems of aircraft".


Curriculum vitae