Uderbayev Almas

Uderbayev Almas

Candidate of Philology

Assistant professor

Head of Department

School of General Education named after Al-Mashani

Email: a.uderbayev@satbayev.111

Professional biography

Since June 2016, he has been the head of the Department of Kazakh and Russian languages at Satbayev University.

2011-2016 senior lecturer, assistant Professor at the Kazakh-British Technical University.

2002-2011 Junior researcher, researcher and senior researcher of the Institute of linguistics named after A. Baitursynov

Scientific projects

Dialectology, sociolinguistics, lexicography, phonetics, terminology of the Kazakh language, teaching the Kazakh language in the Russian audience.

2018-2020 Guide to the scientific grant project on the topic: "Innovations in special vocabulary in Geology, geodesy, geography: unification and lexicography" (no. AР05134289. 2018).

2015-2017 Guide to the scientific grant project on the topic: "Vitality of the Kazakh language in a foreign language environment" (4125 / ГФ4)

2015-2017 Participation in the project "Creation of the national corpus of the Kazakh language".

 2012-2014 Participation in the preparation of a 30-volume Kazakh-Russian, Russian-Kazakh terminological dictionary, which has been included in the action plan for the state program "Functioning and development of languages" (2011-2020).


Russian-English-Kazakh dictionary of geological terms. - Almaty: Kazak tili, 2019 (one of the authors).

Lexicography of dialect vocabulary in the explanatory dictionary of the Kazakh language. - Actual problems of dialectology of languages of the peoples of Russia: Materials of the XVIII all-Russian scientific conference (with international participation). Ufa: IIAL UNC RAS, 2018. ISBN 978-5-91608-169-5/ Pages 110-116. co-authored.

On the lexical and semantic method of formation of new terms in the field of Geology. - "Preservation and development of native languages in a multinational state: problems and prospects" / / Proceedings of the IX International scientific and practical conference-Kazan Federal University. Kazan, Russia. 11-13. 10. 18. page co-authored.

The article discusses the socio-economic situation of the Central Asian States, the formation and main priorities of the Union of Central Asian States. - Almaty, 2017. - 260 P. co-authored.

The use of bilingual dictionaries in the study of lexical features in the language of Kazakhs abroad // Türkoloji Üzerine Araştırmalar, ISSN 2147 0898 - Turkic Studies, ІССН 2147 0898. Turkey, Afion. №3, 2017. P. 82-86.

Kazakh-Russian, Russian-Kazakh terminological dictionary. Geology, geodesy and geography (one of the compilers). - Almaty, 2014. - 450 p.

Mathematical terms in the textbook of A. Ermekov "Courses of higher mathematics" // Journal "Terminological Bulletin". No. 2, 2014.

Қазақ сөздігі (Large one-volume explanatory dictionary of the Kazakh language). - Almaty: Dauir, 2013 (one of the compilers).


Winner of the state national scholarship for talented young scientists of the MES of Kazakhstan (2008-2010), awarded the diploma of the MES of Kazakhstan (2008).

In 2001, he defended his PhD thesis in the specialty 10.02.02-Kazakh language on the topic "Comparative study of phonetic-areal features in the language of the Kazakh Diaspora in Mongolia".

1998-2001 higher education: National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Institute of linguistics named after A. Baitursynov, full-time postgraduate study.

1990-1995 higher education: Atyrau state University named after K. Dosmukhamedov faculty of Kazakh Philology, Kazakh language and literature. Qualification: Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature.


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