Zhuzbay Kassymbekov

Zhuzbay Kassymbekov

Doctor of technical sciences



T. Basenov Institute of Architecture and Construction

Engineering systems and networks

Email: zh.kassymbekov@satbayev.111


Professional biography

Professor, Academician of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scientific and pedagogical experience - 45 years.

1970-1972 - Assistant at the Department of Construction and Reclamation Machines of the Dzhambul Reclamation and Construction Institute;

1972-1976 - Post-graduate student of the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Water Management (KazNIIVH);

1977 –1989-Junior, senior scientific associates of the Almaty integrated department;

1986-1989-Head of the sector “Operation of watering systems of KazNIIVH;

1989-1996-Head pasture irrigation department and head. laboratory "Mechanization and operation of watering structures";

1996-2002-Head of the experimental production of KazNIIIVH;

1999-2002-Head. Laboratory "Agricultural Water Supply";

2002-2004 - Deputy. Director of Science of the State Enterprise "KazNIIIVH";

2004-2008- Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Forest, Land and Water Resources, KazNAU;

Since 1.09.2008 - Professor of the Department "Engineering Systems and Networks" KazNITU.

Winner of the educational grant "Best University teacher" in 2011 - MES RK.

The development under the name “Small derivative hydroelectric power station with a hydrocyclone water supply unit” was demonstrated at EXPO-2017. Under the scientific supervision of Kasymbekov Zh.K. 2 doctoral, 9 master's and 14 master's theses are defended. Additional Information.

1. Awarded a medal and a diploma of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, 2012);

2. The holder of the state grant "The best teacher of the university-2010" MES RK;

3. Member of the International Water Association (IWA, International Water Association), certificate No. 01033520, London, since 2012;

4. Member of the editorial board of the journal “Water and Ecology: Problems and Solutions”, p. 2014 (St. Petersburg, Journal with impact factor);

5. Member of the Dissertation Council for the defense of a doctoral dissertation Phd at TarSU in the specialties of “Land Reclamation, Reclamation and Land Protection”, “Hydrotechnical Building”, since 2016;

6. Expert of the National Agency for Technological Development JSC (Astana), since 2016

Scientific projects

Main research areas: hydropower, water supply and water intake facilities, water treatment. Completed projects for 2012-2018 (supervisor and executive contractor):

1) "Feasibility study of a small hydroelectric power station with a hydrocyclone water supply system", the program "Targeted development of university science focused on innovative results" (MES RK, 2011-2014);

2) Development and development of technological methods for the restoration and operation of watering mine wells and boreholes (Business agreement with Kazagroinnovation JSC, 2012-2014);

3) Small closed-circuit hydroelectric power station used in sewage treatment plants (MES RK, 2013-2015).

4) Creation of an experimental low-pressure hydraulic turbine and hydrocyclone unit for a small hydroelectric power station, the program “Development of clean energy sources of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2017 within the framework of EXPO-2017” (JSC “Parasat”, 2013-2015;

5) Small derivative hydroelectric power station with a hydrocyclone water supply unit // Preparation and testing of the exhibition operating layout (Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC NK ASTANA EXPO-2017,2016-2017).

6) Development and testing of mini hydroelectric power stations of anti-abrasive performance for local energy supply ”(target program of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan“ Creating the foundations of serial production of Kazakhstan's world-class renewable energy sources ”for 2018-2020).


He is the author of 277 scientific papers, including 48 foreign publications, reports of international conferences, patents, monographs, 5 articles - in journals with impact factor.

1. Kassymbekov  Zh.,Zhurinov M., Kassymbekov G. Zh. Mastering and development hydropower in Kazakhstan  // Оf the national academy of sciences of the republic of Кazakhstan series of geology and technical sciences , 2019,Volume 3, Number 435 219 – 224 https://doi.org/10.32014/2019.2518-170X.88.

2. Kasymbekov Zh.K., Aldiyar S. Testing a mini-hydroelectric power station of anti-abrasive performance in laboratory conditions. // Journal “Eurasian Scientific Association” T. 2. No. 3 (49). - M., 2019.S. 69-71.

3. Kassymbekov  Zh.,Atamanova O. V., Kassymbekov G. Zh. Hydro-electrostation of hydrocyclone type of small power/ // The bulletin of the national academy of sciences of the republic of Kazakhstan, Volume 5, Number 375.  –Almaty. 2018, p. 48 – 54(in Eng).

4. Kasymbekov Zh.K. Vacuum cleaning of sewer wells using tractor exhaust gas energy // Water and Ecology: problems and solutions. No. 2 (74). - St. Petersburg, 2018. S. 25-31;

5. Kassymbekov  Zh. Improvement of  small  derivative  hydroelectric   power  station  by  usinq  the  hydrocyclone// Scientific  and  engineering  innovative  solutions (within  the  framework  of the  «One  belt,one  road» proiekt  implementation), NEA  RK. – Astana,2018. –p.22.

6. Kassymbekov  Zh., Kasymbekov G. Test stand small hydroelectric power station with hydrocyclones // Materials  of  the  ix  International  research  and  practice conference «Science, Technology and  Higher Education», December 23-24, 2015. - Westwood, Canada 2015, p.262-268.

7. Kassymbekov  Zh., Prut’yanova Yu. O. On the water supply and disposal program “Akbulak” for the period of 2011-2020, being realized in Kazakhstan/.//Modern Science:Problems and Perspectives International Conference, United States of America, Las Vegas,NV,April15,2013.

8. Kasymbekov Zh.K., Ni N.P., Botantayeva B.S. Testing of a centrifugal water supply air-separator-desiccant under laboratory conditions. // Journal “Water and Ecology: Problems and Solutions”, No. 2 (58), 2014. –St. Petersburg, 2014. p. 39-44

9. Kasymbekov Zh.K., Kasymbekov G.Zh. An effective way to provide a small hydropower plant with purified water without a settling tank // Journal "Water Management of Kazakhstan", No. 6.-Astana, 2013, p. 35-39.

10. Zh. K. Kassymbekov, O. V. Atamanova, K. K. Alimova, G. Zh. Kassymbekov. Protection of centrifugal pumps from abrasive wear using a vacuum hydrocyclone. Bulletin the National academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan  ISSN 1991-3494 Volume 1, Number 383 (2020), P. 6 – 13.

11. M. Zhurinov, Zh. K. Kassymbekov, N. Dyussembekova, E. Siemens, G. Zh. Kassymbekov. Testing of the prototype of mini-hydro power plants of hydrocyclone type in production conditions. News Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan. Series Of Geology And Technical Sciences. ISSN 2224-5278 Volume 1, Number 439 (2020), P. 48 – 55.


1) 1970 - graduated from the Dzhambul irrigation and drainage and construction institute (specialty - mechanization of irrigation and drainage works).

2) 1985 - Moscow Irrigation and Reclamation Institute, candidate of technical sciences, specialty 06.01.02 (specialization "Agricultural water supply and pasture irrigation),

3) 2003- Taraz State University, Doctor of Technical Sciences in the field of specialties 05.23.07 "Hydrotechnical construction", 06.01.02 "Land reclamation, reclamation and land conservation";

4) 2000- Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor, specialty "Technical Sciences");

5) 2010 - academician of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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