Ushurova Saadatbuvi Malikkizi

Ushurova Saadatbuvi Malikkizi

Master of pedagogical Sciences


Institute of Project Management

Department of Foreign Languages

Email: s.ushurova@satbayev.111

Professional biography

08.2019 - present - Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages at Satbayev University.

2015 - 2019 - English teacher at school-gymnasium № 101, Almaty.


1. 2017-2019-Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Pedagogy and Humanities, specialty-6 M011900 Foreign language: Two foreign languages, Master of Pedagogical Sciences

2. 2012-2015-Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages named after Abylai Khan, Pedagogical faculty of foreign languages, Bachelor in specialty 5B011900Foreign language: Two foreign languages

Scientific projects

Research interests and current projects:  The benefits and challenges of implementing CLIL.


1. Scientific article “English as a Medium of Instruction in teaching computer science at secondary schools”. Bulletin of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai №2(26), 2019.

2. Scientific article “Using English as a means of teaching computer science: problems and possible solutions”. 8th international conference of ICT in education and science 27.04.19.

3. Scientific article “English as a Medium of Instruction in teaching computer science at secondary schools”. Trends of modern science 2019 Sheffield Science and education LTD 2019. May 30- June 7

4. Yermekbayeva Sh.B., Nassimova Zh.M., Ushurova S.M, “Teaching Professional English Through Case Study Is Effective”, "The Europe and the Turkic World: Science, Engineering and Technology" Materials of the VI International Scientific-Practical Conference May 5-7, online, 2021 г., Bursa (Turkey)

5. Yermekbayeva Sh.B., Ushurova S.M., “Enriching the students’ professionally oriented vocabulary at a non-linguistic university” III-международная научно-практическая интернет-конференция "Вопросы развитиясфер образования, науки и культуры: теория, практика, опыт", онлайн  г. Нурсултан, 17.09.2021 г.

6. Yermekbayeva Sh.B., Zhubanova Sh.A, Yershimanova D.O., Zhanzhaxinova     B.K., Ushurova S.M, “Teaching the Specialty -Oriented Terminology at Higher Educational Institutions”, “Membership in the WTO: Prospects of Scientific Research and International Technology Market”.VI Scientific- Practical Conference, online, October 20-22, 2021 г., Monreal (Canada).