AP19177970 Improvement of the technology for manufacturing a pump part body from fiberglass

The goal of the project increasing the efficiency of machine-building enterprises due to the development of new technology for manufacturing the bodies of centrifugal pump parts using fibers and composite materials with improved characteristics and appropriate operating conditions.

The relevance of the project is due to the fact that fiber fibers in concrete have high indicators on such characteristics as tensile strength, bending, cutting, impact and fatigue strength, scratch resistance, frost resistance, water resistance, heat resistance and fire resistance. In addition, the distinguishing characteristics of fibers are high anisotropic and discrete values. Here, such features allow to single out fiberglass into an independent group of structural materials with different structural features and properties.

The proposed project is designed to solve these problems by searching new composite materials with special properties as well as technology and application of their production, which is especially urgent.

Scientific adviser: PhD, senior lecturer, Igbayeva Akjarkyn Esentaevna

Quantitative and qualitative composition of project implementers: 1 scientific consultant (Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Hirsch Index – 6).

Results obtained: project starts in 2023.

Implementation period: 2023-2025.

Scientific projects of the university

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