Department of Metallurgical processes, Нeat engineering and Technologies of special materials


In 1938, for the first time in Kazakhstan, the basic department “General Metallurgy” was created for the training of metallurgical engineers at the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute. Its first head was Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences. tech. Science Baraboshkin S.N. A graduate of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, Yulia Konstantinovna Silina (teacher of the department) and Ekaterina Dmitrievna Degtyareva (laboratory assistant), who worked at the department for 40 years, took part in the organization of the first metallurgical laboratories. Doctors of Technical Sciences, professors were invited to conduct classes: Sazhin Viktor Sergeevich (later - corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), Isakova Rufina Afanasyevna (corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan), Tseft Andrian Lukyanovich (academician of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan), Putilin Yuri Mikhailovich ( subsequently director of the Institute of Mineral Raw Materials in Kazakhstan and the Institute of Artificial Minerals in Russia).

Disciplines were born at the department, on the basis of which the training of students was subsequently organized in a number of specialties new to Kazakhstan. Thus, on the basis of the discipline “ Metallurgy ” the specialty “Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals” was organized, and on the basis of the course “ Automation of Metallurgical Processes ” a specialty of the same name appeared. The year 1980 was significant for the department, when, in connection with the training of students in the new specialty for Kazakhstan, “Physical and Chemical Research of Metallurgical Processes,” it was decided to change the status of the department: it became a graduating department.

Professors made a great contribution to the development of the educational process: Romanov L.G. – Honored Scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Luganov V.A., Baikonurova A.O., Abzhapparov A.A., Associate Professors: Ishchanov T.K., Turkeev M.E., Nikiforov Yu.A., Vasilevsky O.V., Sazhin E.N., Edilbaeva G.I., Guseinova G.D., Usoltseva G.A.; engineers: Barabanov N.S., Butovchenko L.G., Snezhko L.G., Podoleyeva T.G., Vasilenko M.V. etc. Currently, the department includes 1 doctor of technical sciences, 4 candidates of technical sciences, 4 PhD doctors, 1 master’s assistant; 4 engineers work at the department to ensure sustainable development of the educational process.

Since the founding of the department, the heads have been:

• 1938–1941 – Ph.D. tech. Sciences, Associate Professor Baraboshkin S.N.;

• 1941–1956 – Professor Bullakh A.A.;

• 1956 – 1961 – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Sushkov K.V.;

• 1961 – 1966 – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Tseft A.L.;

• 1966 – 1974 – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Sushkov K.V.;

• 1975 – 1980 – Ph.D. tech. Sciences, Associate Professor Luganov V.A.;

• 1980 – 1997 – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Romanov L.G. ;

• 1997 – 2000 – Ph.D. chem. Sciences, Associate Professor Baikonurova A.O.;

• 2001 – 2003 – Ph.D. tech. Sciences, Associate Professor Vasilevsky O.V.;

• 2003 – 2005 – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Makhambetova U.K.;

• from 2005 to 2016 – Doctor of Engineering. Sciences, Professor Baikonurova A.O.,

from June 2016 to the present day - Associate Professor, PhD, Candidate of Technical Sciences Chepushtanova T.A.   


Mission and strategy

The mission of the department “Metallurgical Processes, Heat Engineering and Technology of Special Materials” is to develop in students, during the learning process, social and personal qualities and professional competencies that allow graduates to successfully solve production, technological, organizational, managerial, research and design tasks in the field of metallurgy and contribute their sustainable demand in the labor market, as well as compliance with international education standards; providing enterprises with highly qualified specialists in the field of metallurgy, specializing in the implementation of advanced fundamental and applied research and the development and implementation of modern technological processes that ensure high quality products at minimal cost.

The strategy of the department “Metallurgical processes, heat engineering and technology of special materials” is educational, methodological and resource support for basic educational programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral studies in the areas of Metallurgy. Increasing the efficiency of functioning of the department's scientific schools on technologies for processing difficult-to-process raw materials and extraction and sorption technologies in metallurgy. Organization of professional training and formation of specialists, including those with the highest scientific qualifications, who meet the modern requirements of scientific and technological progress; carrying out scientific research and technological developments that ensure the creation of new and modernization of existing production facilities, the introduction of modern highly efficient technologies - expansion of international cooperation in the field of the educational process and scientific research, including the attraction of foreign students, teachers and researchers; participation in the formation of the innovation system of Kazakhstan and the creation of small knowledge-intensive businesses.


Educational programs of the department:

6В07203 - Metallurgy and mineral processing

7M07201 - Automation and digitalization of metallurgical processes

8D07204 - Metallurgical engineering


Innovative double-diploma educational program together with NUST Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys : 7M07229 - Extractive metallurgy (2 years of study, 1 year Satbayev University , 1 year - NUST MISIS, 2 diplomas are issued).


Double-diploma educational program jointly with Tomsk Polytechnic University - 7M07204 - Metallurgy and mineral processing


Branch of the department MPHiTSM :

The agreement on opening a branch of the department of MPHiTSM at the Physico-Technical Institute LLP was signed in 2023, No. 10-524 dated October 27, 2023. Partner laboratory - EPR Spectroscopy Laboratory named after. Yu.V. Gorelkinsky LLP "Physical and Technical Institute".


Academic mobility and international internship:

Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys , Russia;

Politecnico di Milano – Italy;

Universitat de les Illes Balears – Spain ;

Silesian University of Technology – Poland ;

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia ;

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - USA, Worcester;

Murdoch University - Australia;


MIREA - Russian Technological University - Russia, Moscow ;

Süleyman Demirel University (Isparta, Turkey) .

Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin " - Yekaterinburg, Russia.


Dual training:

An agreement on the organization of dual education was signed with the Physico-Technical Institute for the provision of educational services, agreement No. 09-127, dated 09/04/2023.


Winners of the competition “Best University Teacher” of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Luganov Vladimir Alekseevich – 2006

Baikonurova Aliya Omirkhanovna – 2006

Baigenzhenov Omir with Erik Sabyrzhanov – 2021

Chepushtanova Tatyana Aleksandrovna – 2022

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