AP08052829 Development of complex treatment hybrid technology of oxidized, resistant zinc, lead-bearing ores and beneficiation middlings by sulphidizing roasting with subsequent cinder enrichment


In flotation enrichment of polymetallic ores, a significant amount of zinc and lead passes into tailings and industrial products, and to pyritic concentrates obtained during enrichment. In conditions when the ore base of non-ferrous metallurgy is exhausted, it becomes urgent to involve in processing tailings and industrial products of enrichment and to develop technologies for efficient processing of oxidized and mixed ores. When the project is implemented, pre-extraction of lead and zinc is solved; transfer of illiquid product to the balance product; ecological problem of accumulation of waste products through their processing, reduction of their quantities. Getting lead and zinc is a surplus trend today. The global lead deficit in May 2020 was 37.2 thousand tons, while the global zinc deficit was 360 thousand tons. Zinc consumption per capita is increasing by 1.8% per year.

Objective of the project

To substantiate and develop the technology of complex processing of oxidized and mixed polymetallic ores and industrial products by sulfidizing roasting with a pyrite concentrate followed by magnetic and flotation enrichment of the cinder providing increased recovery of zinc and lead from oxidized and mixed polymetallic ores and industrial products to selective concentrates. Establish a process mechanism and sulfidization conditions to produce magnetic pyrrhotite and hydrophobic sulphides of lead and zinc. Determine the conditions of magnetic and flotation enrichment. Prepare a task assignment for larger studies.

Expected and achieved results

The main expected results are the following: the development of technology for processing refractory, oxidized zinc, and lead-containing ores; the achievement of extraction into sulfide concentrate of up to 95% zinc and up to 80% lead; the development of recommendations for technological regulations and feasibility studies; the preparation of a PhD dissertation; integrated technology testing; the development of initial data for the preparation of technological regulations and a feasibility study of technology. According to the results and for the entire period of the project implementation, there will be: 1 monograph; 1 patent (in the Kazakh or Eurasian patent bureau) for a utility model; – at least 2 (two) publications in peer-reviewed foreign scientific journals indexed by the international Web of Science databases, included in either the 1st (first), 2nd (second), or 3rd (third) quartiles in the scientific direction, and (or) having a percentile by Cite Score in the Scopus database of at least 35 (thirty-five)

Results achieved

A mechanism for sulfiding oxidized compounds of lead and zinc was developed, with the degree of sulfiding of Pb and Zn reaching up to 95%; optimal conditions for enrichment of the obtained cinders were created; the mode of wet magnetic separation was developed, with the extraction of up to 95% of magnetic pyrrhotites of the composition Fe0.892S-Fe0.869S into the magnetic fraction; the flotation enrichment method yielded the following results: yield of the foam product in the non-magnetic fraction is 36.82–53.89%. It has been established that the through extraction from enrichment tailings into a froth product during flotation in a direct one-stage cycle of zinc reaches more than 84% and about 80% of lead. A technological scheme has been developed for processing refractory, oxidized zinc, and lead-containing ores. published 9 scientific publications, of which 1 publication (Q2, percentile 64); 3 scientific articles recommended by Committee for Control of Education and Science; 5 publications in international conferences; and 1 patent application filed. All stages of the calendar plan for 2020 and 2021 have been completed.

Information for potential users

Potential consumers KazZINC LLP, Shaimerden JSC, and Zhairem Mining and Processing Plant JSC. development of technology for the complex processing of oxidized polymetallic ores and middlings by sulfiding roasting with pyrite concentrate, followed by magnetic and flotation enrichment of the cinder. The project is aimed at solving the problem of additional lead and zinc extraction. Upgrading of Zn to a sulfide concentrate up to 95% and Pb up to 80%. With a production volume of 100,000 tons per year for the processed ore of the Zhairemsky GOK, by increasing the extraction of lead as a result of the proposed technology, it is possible to obtain 6,320 tons of lead concentrate and 30,508 tons of zinc concentrate, which, taking into account operating costs for processing, will give a profit of 220 million tenge. The unit costs per tenge of marketable products using the proposed technology are lower than the unit costs for the existing technology, which is associated with an increase in the extraction of lead into a marketable product using the developed technology and an increase in the output of marketable products in tenge. The project makes it possible to increase the technical and economic efficiency of processing oxidized lead-zinc ores.

Research team:

Chepushtanova Tatyana Aleksandrovna
Scopus 26325376800
ResearcherID AAA-3470-2020
ORCID 0000-0002-6526-0044

Motovilov Igor Yurevoch
Scopus 57204968741
ResearcherID AAA-4411-2020
ORCID 0000-0002-0716-402X

Polyakov Konstantin Vladimirovich
ORCID 0000-0003-2005-9416
Sumedh Gostu
Scopus 56310039900

Baigenzhenov Omirserik Sabyrzhanovich
Scopus 56543741900
ResearcherID AAG-8604-2019
ORCID 0000-0001-5803-7680

Merkibayev Erik Serikovich
Scopus 57203388147
ResearcherID AAG-8639-2019
ORCID 0000-0003-3869-6835

Sarsenova Moldir Serimbekkyzy
ResearcherID AAG-8614-2019
ORCID 0000-0002-4126-8332


List of published works on the topic of the Project for 2020 - 2021:


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  1. T.A. Chepushtanova, I.Y. Motovilov, Y. S. Merkibayev, M. S. Sarsenova, G. Sumedh. Technology of complex treatment of oxidizied polymetallic ores and flotation tailings. MDPI-Minerals. JCR – Q2, процентиль 69. Статья принята и находится в печати, декабрь 2021 г.
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