AP19679253 – «Research and development of a multifunctional mobile metal 3D printer»

The goal of the project is to research and development a multifunctional mobile metal 3D printer designed for the manufacture of parts for military equipment and weapons, with the functions of 3D printing in 5 axes and machining, and also has folding and unfolding functions for ease of transportation.

The practical significance of the project lies in the development of a multifunctional mobile 3D printer on metal for the military, which is a mobile small-scale production, which provides a large degree of freedom to the printing head is able to print on 3D printer without support parts of military equipment and weapons, having complex shapes and produce machining parts that require high accuracy.

Scientific leader of the project Nurman Yerik.

The composition of the Research Group: 11 performers, including 6 PhD; 2 practical researchers; 1 postdoctoral fellow; 1 Production Engineer; 1 PhD doctoral student.

Project results: the project started in 2023

Execution dates: 2023-2025.

Scientific projects of the university

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