757.МОН.ГФ.15.ИПС.1 Increasing the competitive potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan

«Increasing the competitive potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan through rational architectural planning and spatial organization of territories and infrastructure facilities for mass recreation, external and internal tourism»

The purpose of the project:

To develop the scientific foundations of recreational architecture in the Republic of Kazakhstan and give practical recommendations on the regulatory framework, rational architectural and planning organization of territories with high potential for organizing mass recreation of the population and all types of tourism, on the typology and spatial solution of infrastructural institutions in this area.


The novelty of the work lies in the fact that it is quite consistently based not only on available sources of information, but also on large-scale sociological studies conducted for the first time in Kazakhstan on the topic under consideration and allowed to identify the recreational preferences of the population, directions and places of visiting recreation and tourism facilities in various districts and regions of the republic.

Economic efficiency or significance of the work: the results will allow designers and management bodies of all territorial levels to predict the development of a network of recreational institutions and tourism facilities on a systematic scientific basis; determine the expediency and priority of investing infrastructure facilities in this area, and, as a result, increase the competitive potential of the republic in the field of external and internal tourism, quality and standard of living the population.

Scientific supervisor: Alexey Abilov, Doctor of Architecture, Professor of the Department of Architecture

Project executors: 11 performers, consisting of: 2 undergraduates, 1 student.


  • A database of literary sources, Internet resources, design, statistical and field data on the organization of territories and institutions of mass recreation and tourism in the world and in Kazakhstan.
  • Proposals on the regulatory framework of recreational architecture for Kazakhstan; recommendations for designers, builders and managers on the rational architectural and planning organization of recreation and tourism sites in Kazakhstan, on the nomenclature of recreational institutions, architecture of relevant buildings and structures.
  • Acts of implementation of research results in design organizations in Kazakhstan.

Implementation period: 2015 – 2017

Scientific projects of the university

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