IRN BR21881939 “ Development of resource-saving energy-generating technologies for the mining and metallurgical complex and creation of an innovative engineering center”

Objective of the project:

Development of a combined technology for processing vanadium-containing raw materials to produce concentrates of rare metals, as well as scientific and theoretical substantiation of the processes of thermal decomposition, leaching, sorption and concentration of metals, as well as the production of iron-containing powders and special materials in the form of aluminosilicate fillers for the production of building materials. Creation and accreditation of a laboratory for energy -generating metallurgical processes, heat engineering and powder metallurgy.


Kazakhstan has significant reserves of rare metals, but their production in the country is unstable. The leader in the production of rare metals is China, which has the largest resources in the field of rare and rare earth metals, producing more than 90% of rare metal products, and has competitive advantages such as rich natural resources, high production capacity and low costs. To develop the domestic market, China has reduced exports of rare metals to the world market. In this regard, companies in need of rare metals are interested in these purchases abroad. This demand stimulates research into new technologies for extracting metals from ore and technogenic raw materials, as well as an active search for new sources of raw materials. One of these potential sources is vanadium-containing raw materials of the hydrometallurgical plant of Balausa Firm LLP .

Scientific adviser: PhD , candidate of technical sciences, assoc . Professor, Chepushtanova Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Quantitative and qualitative composition of project performers: 4 performers, including: 4 PhD.

Results obtained: project start – 2023.

Implementation period: 2023-2025.

Scientific projects of the university

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