IRN: AP19679899 «Research and development of a manipulator which compensating deviations of a construction 3D printer based on a concrete pump truck and positioning the PrintHead»

The purpose of the work is to research and development a manipulator that compensating for the parasitic deviation of the boom of a concrete pump used as a construction 3D printer manipulator and positioning the PrintHead in space for printing complex-shaped walls and a special nozzle.


Since the joint of the transport mechanism of the truck-mounted concrete pump has an open kinematic structure and is made of long articulated joints, it is not designed for precise positioning and has parasitic deviations and vibrations. Thus, a truck-mounted concrete pump cannot provide the required accuracy when printing concrete. The printing mechanism must have an additional compensating mechanism to ensure the required accuracy. To print walls with complex shapes and at different angles, you need to position the printing mechanism in space. To solve these problems, it is recommended to research and develop a manipulator with compensation and positioning capabilities.

Scientific supervisor: doctor PhD, Assoc. professor, Mustafa Azamat.

Quantitative and qualitative composition of project executors: 6 executors, including: 1 professor, 2 doctor PhD, 1 postdoctoral student, 2 doctoral students.

The results obtained: Results of literature review, sorted manipulator. The optimal design scheme of the manipulator, 3D model. Positions of moving platforms (forward kinematics), angles of input connections (inverse kinematics); their numerical results. The working area of the manipulator and singular configurations and recommendations for their consideration.

Implementation period: 2023-2025.

Scientific projects of the university

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