AP14871587– Development of a comprehensive technology for reducing theft formation during liquid-liquid extraction of copper

Objective of the project:

Development of technology to prevent the formation of the third phase in the process of copper extraction by chemical methods using sulfuric acid – heptane - containing (C7H16) mixture and hydro -sulfate-chloride mixture.


Kazakhstan ranks 6th in the world in terms of copper reserves. In view of this fact, the sale of copper for the Republic is the second most important source of GDP. Kazakhstan produces about 4% of world copper production and about 50% of copper production among the CIS countries. Copper production from oxide ore at Aktogay Kazminerals alone will be about 20 thousand tons per year until 2024. The technology is in demand both for Kazakhstani enterprises and for foreign ones in Australia, Canada, Zambia and others.

Due to the fact that copper production using the SX-EW technology from oxide ore is planned to increase to 100 thousand tons per year by 2025 in Kazakhstan, this technology will help increase copper production and reduce the cost of organic reagents, which will increase the environmental impact load on the places where the waste material is stored.

Scientific adviser: PhD , candidate of technical sciences, assoc . Professor, Chepushtanova Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Quantitative and qualitative composition of project performers: 8 performers, including: 4 PhD , 4 master

Results obtained: project start – 2022.

Implementation period: 2022-2024.

Scientific projects of the university

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