AP15473200 – Development of technology for processing oxidized ores with preliminary high-temperature sulfidization

Objective of the project:

The purpose of the work is to develop the operating parameters of sulfiding roasting in autogenous conditions of a fluidized bed furnace with subsequent magnetic and flotation enrichment of roasting products.


The development of the lead-zinc industry requires an expansion of the raw material base of modern non-ferrous metallurgy. One of the critically important reserves in this direction is the involvement in the exploitation of difficult-to-process ores, in particular oxidized and mixed, as well as liquid tailings. A significant part of polymetallic, lead-zinc ores currently contain less than 3% zinc and less than 1% lead; they are also characterized by difficulty in dressing due to fine impregnation and close intergrowth of ore and non-metallic minerals, as well as significant oxidation of the near-surface part of ore bodies. In world practice, when processing ores of this composition, there is a tendency to use combined methods, including hydro- or pyrometallurgy operations in combination with flotation or gravity concentration, depending on the characteristics of the material composition of the ores. One of the effective activating methods for preparing oxidized minerals for flotation is sulfidation roasting. Sulfidation roasting in a “fluidized bed” furnace is proposed using pyrite concentrate as a sulfidizer and fuel, which ensures the transfer of minerals from the oxidized form to the easily enriched sulfide form, with a significant reduction in metal loss than when using other activation schemes, followed by magnetic and flotation enrichment of the products firing This technology is becoming particularly relevant in the context of a rapid decline in the content of lead and zinc in ores.

Scientific supervisor : Merkibaev Erik Serikovich

Quantitative and qualitative composition of project implementers: 2, scientific supervisor and scientific consultant

Results obtained: project start – 2022.

Implementation period: 2022-2024.

Scientific projects of the university

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