AP08857201 «Development of a highly efficient rock cutting tool for drilling wells equipped with synthetic diamonds and composite diamond-containing cutters with high strength and heat resistance»

The relevance of the project

Improving the efficiency of rock destruction with a drilling tool equipped with synthetic diamonds requires the use of diamonds of high quality with controlled characteristics of strength, heat resistance and uniformity of composition.

At the Institute of Superhard Materials named after V.N. Bakulya NAS of Ukraine has developed and industrially mastered the adhesive-magnetic sorting method based on the difference in diamond crystals in terms of surface defectiveness. The method allows to efficiently sort diamond grinding powders synthesized in the presence of various solvent alloys. When sorting, high-quality elite diamond powders were obtained, namely, heat-resistant, extra-strong in the range of grades from AC15 to AC400 and others. In this case, the uniformity of the powders in the main properties, in particular in strength, increases by 2–3 times. The developed sorting method has a high separation selectivity.

The possibility of increasing the wear resistance of diamond-containing materials of matrices of a rock-cutting tool with copper-based metal bonds by the method of introducing the optimum amount of wear-resistant filler into their composition has been confirmed.

In order to increase the wear resistance of composite diamond-based materials based on multicomponent metal matrices containing iron, copper, nickel and tin with particle sizes of 5 to 50 microns in the initial state, with the addition of nanocrystalline vanadium nitride powder; Investigations were made of the effect of vacuum hot pressing temperature on their structure, mechanical (micro- and nanohardness, elastic modulus) and tribological (friction force and wear rate) properties.

When developing a new drilling tool, it was used more clearly, consisting in the formation of a rock damage zone, the thickness of which is several times greater than the depth of penetration of diamond grains.

The significance of the project on a national and global scale is as follows:

  • the creation of a diamond rock cutting tool of high wear resistance will increase the time for destruction of the bottom of the wells in the overall balance of the drilling time, which will increase the productivity and profitability of drilling operations, especially when using the progressive method - drilling with shells with removable core receivers;

Comparative tests of diamond drill bits created by the authors of the project with the tools of leading drilling companies also testified to the importance on an international scale. The mentioned patented tools showed the highest techno-economic indicators, in comparison with the tools of leading Western companies.

The creation of a rock cutting tool with a metal matrix composite diamond-containing material that provides a high degree of diamond retention, high wear resistance and the efficiency of rock destruction is an urgent problem at the present stage and helps to increase the volume of mineral reserves, the discovery of new patterns of wear theory, materials science and exploration drilling practice wells.

The research results and the resulting high hardness and wear resistance materials with great effect can also be used for arming rock-cutting tools - bits for drilling oil and gas and hydrogeological wells.

The creation and implementation of a highly wear-resistant productive rock cutting tool will allow us to quickly explore and transfer new mineral deposits into operation, which will strengthen the mineral resource base of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The main objective of the project:

Development of a highly efficient rock cutting tool for drilling wells in hard and abrasive rocks based on new types of multicomponent metal-matrix diamondcontaining composites with high performance characteristics, and taking into account the features of the phenomena that occur in the rock during the introduction of diamond grains

Expected results

Expected results: expected scientific and socio-economic effect is the development of scientific and technological foundations for increasing the wear resistance of drilling tools and the intensification of the diamond drilling process. Drilling productivity growth by 15-20% is expected to decrease by 5-10%, and overall drilling efficiency will increase.

Applicability of the expected results: the results obtained during laboratory research will be aimed at creating a highly efficient rock cutting tool based on the developed new types of multicomponent metal matrix diamond-containing composites and using physical phenomena that occur in destructible rock during the introduction of diamond grains. This will allow in production conditions to increase the efficiency of well drilling in hard and abrasive rocks.

Potential consumers of expected results: the results can be used by other drilling organizations involved in the construction of not only exploration but also geotechnological, hydrogeological and oil wells.

Achieved results:

Methods for improving the performance of diamond drill bits have been developed and experimentally tested, which consist of improving the quality of synthetic diamonds used for their equipment, taking into account their physical and mechanical properties and the wear resistance of KAM.

Names and surnames of the members of the research group with their identifiers:

  1. Ratov Boranbay Tovbasarovich – scientific supervisor
  2. Bondarenko Nikolay Aleksandrovich – chief researcher
  3. Fedorov Boris Vladimirovich - chief researcher
  4. Mechnik Vladimir Arkadevich– leading researcher
  5. Isonkin Aleksandr Mihailovich– senior researcher
  6. Korgasbekov Darkhan Rahmetollaevich– executor
  7. Baiboz Akniet Rabbimuly – junior researcher
  8. Muzapparova Akerke Bakbergenovna- junior researcher
  9. Kosminov Artur Sergeevich- engineer of the 1st category
  10. Ruslyakova-Kupriyanova Inna Aleksandrovna -  engineer of the 1st category

List of publications:

1. Ратов Б.Т., Косьминов А.С. и др. Опыт разработки и изготовления бурового инструмента на примере организации ТОО «СК Геосервис» // II Международной научно-практической конференции «Современные тенденции геологоразведочной и нефтяной инженерии» – Алматы, 2021. – 121 стр. ISBN 978-601-7940-24-9

2. Ратов Б.Т., Бондоренко Н.А., Мечник В.А., Стрелчук В.В., Колодницкий В.Н., Николенко А.С., Коростишевський Д.Л., Пошванюк Н.Ф. Особенности микроcтруктуры  композитов WC-Co упрачненных добавкой  CrB2  / Инструментальное материаловедение. Сборник научных трудов. – Вып. 24. – Киев: ИСМ им. В.Н. Бакуля, НАН Украины, г.Литохоро, 19–25 сентября 2021 г. С: 27–36. ISSN 2223-3938.,  DOI: 10.33839/2708-731X-23-1-50-65

3. Mechnik, V.A., Bondarenko, N.A., Kolodnitskyi, V.M., Zakiev V.I., Zakiev I.M., Gevorkyan E.S., Kuzin N.O., Yakushenko, O.S., Semak, I.V. Comparative Study of the Mechanical and Tribological Characteristics of Fe–Cu–Ni–Sn Composites with Different CrB2 Content under Dry and Wet Friction // Journal of Superhard Materials. 2021. Vol. 43, no. 1. P. 52–64.  DOI: 10.3103/S1063457621010044

4. V. A . Mechnika, N. A. Bondarenko, V. M. Kolodnitskyi, V. I. Zakiev, I. M. Zariev, E. S. Gevorkyan, V. A. Chishkala, N. O. Kuzin. Effect of CrB2 on the Microstructure, Properties, and Wear Resistance of Sintered Composite and the Diamond Retention in Fe–Cu–Ni–Sn Matrix  // J. Superhard Mater. 2021. Vol. 43, no. 3. P. 175–190. DOI:  10.3103/s1063457621030060

5. Ratov B. T., Bondarenko M. O., Mechnik V. A., Strelchuk V. V., Prikhna T. A., Kolodnitskyi V. M., Nikolenko A. S., Lytvyn P. M., Danylenko I. M., Moshchil V. E., Gevorkyan E. S., Kosminov A. S., Borash A. R. Structure and Properties of WC–Co Composites with Different CrB2 Concentrations, Sintered by Vacuum Hot Pressing, for Drill Bits // ISSN 1063-4576, Journal of Superhard Materials, 2021, Vol. 43, No. 5, pp. 344–354. © Allerton Press, Inc., 2021.

6. Ratov B.T., Mechnik V.A., Bondarenko M.O., Kolodnitskyi V.M., Kuzin N.O., Gevorkyan E.S., Chishkala V.A. Influence of VN additive on the structure and strength characteristics of diamond-containing composites based on the Fe‒Cu– Ni–Sn matrix formed by the method of cold pressing followed by vacuum hot pressing // // ISSN 1063-4576, Journal of Superhard Materials, 2021, Vol. 44, No. 6, pp. 49–63. © Allerton Press, Inc., 2021.

7. Ратов Б. T., Федоров Б.В., Исонкин А.М., Сыздыков А.Х. Ильницкая Г.Д. Основные направления совершенствования алмазных буровых коронок // Журнал Нефть И Газ №5 (125) 2021г. С: 46-59.  (ISSN 1562-2932 / 2708-0080). г. Алматы

Scientific projects of the university

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